5 Places To See Comedy in Lakeland

Lakeland is beginning to flex its muscles in some of the most unique ways. With so much coming to our beautiful city so fast, it is becoming hard to parse through everything there is to do! One cool thing is that there is a growing underground comedy scene beginning to gain its sea legs in Lakeland and you have plenty of opportunities to see it! Here is a list of 5 places to catch local comedy without the hassle of driving to Orlando or Tampa.

  1. Every First Friday there is clean family friendly improv comedy that you can catch at Lkld Live. They are a team of people dedicated to making you laugh by using your suggestions! They also have some very special shows coming up in the next few monthsas well as improv classes so that you can learn to do what they do. Head on over to Swan City Improv for more information! Two shows every First Friday at 7:30 pm and 9 pm.

  2. Every Thursday there is an open mic hosted by Mike Lee over at Hops N Vine where comedians go to work out their material as they hone their craft through the process of success and failure. The beauty of this specific night is that you get to see comedians testing their bits out on the audience to see what will work and what won’t work. Hops N Vine also offers wine and beer to drink and some food to eat so you can laugh on a full stomach. Every Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.

  3. Every third Wednesday at Lkld Live there is a showcase hosted by Nate Fleming that brings together comedians from all over central Florida to perform in a larger venue to get the feeling of taking a larger crowd with the chance of being in a larger showcase in December of this year. These shows are really laid back and fun while highlighting the beautiful camaraderie of the comedians who have been rubbing elbows with each other for days, months and even years. There is an offering of alcohol at each show. Every third Wednesday from 7pm to 10 pm

  4. Every month there is a stand up comedy night hosted by Mike Lee that happens at Lkld Live where some larger named comedians come through to give you a night of laughter. Usually there is a billing of three comedians so it really is the most laugh for your buck! They have had some great comedians come through Lakeland Laughs! Every last Saturday of the month!

  5. On Tuesday nights at Swan Brewing you might be able to catch some stand up comedians testing out their clean comedy chops. They usually are spread out throughout the entire night snuggled nicely between musicians who are there to play some music. Swan Brewing Open Mic Night is every Tuesday from 6 pm to 9 pm.

This community is really beginning to gain its footing and the only thing they are missing right now is you! You can come laugh and be a part of the comedic democracy that is stand up by being another shining face in the audience and voting with your laughter. There are many ways to facilitate the growth of this beautiful city, while the biggest one is being a supporter of the diversity of activities that is available here! Pick a night and come laugh with them or heckle them for not being ready with their comedy!

Nate Fleming