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Lkld food tours

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This is a 2.5 hour guided walking food tour set in Downtown Lakeland. What that means is an expert tour guide will walk you through Downtown Lakeland to 5 different restaurants. Palace Pizza, Frescos, MOJO Federal, Cafe Roti and Black and Brew. At each of those locations you will be getting a tasting of food, in between your tour guide will regale you with the story of the birth of Lakeland. It is sure to be a grand historical food adventure!

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Your reservation includes all the food for the adventure. Every restaurant will be paid for by the tour guide and gratuity is included!

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The food is definitely the main drawing point, but you are probably wondering what we could possibly learn on a tour of Downtown Lakeland. Here are some questions that might come up.

Who founded Lakeland? Where was he from? Who were the first people to settle in Lakeland? Was there another city larger than Lakeland that almost caused Lakeland to not exist? Where did pizza come from? What are samosas? Why is barbecue so American? Were there multiple theatres in Lakeland? Why is my tour guide so absolutely brilliant?

This tour is absolutely great for private groups as well and if you have an idea of having a tour for a group of people we absolutely recommend clicking here. It will open up a contact page and you can call or email us to get your group on the books right away!

We have had some of the most amazing people join us on our walking food tours. From our landlords to a couple of the sweetest snowbirds from Canada. The beauty about these tours is that you never know who you might meet, and at the very least you will meet a very awesome tour guide who absolutely loves meeting new people in Lakeland.

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